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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guyana Fun

Did you ever wonder how children in Guyana celebrate Easter?

They fly kites! Isn't that a fun tradition?

On Easter weekend, thousands of people will go out and fly kites to celebrate - I think that's much more fun that eating loads of chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs.

I just happened upon these darling kite-flying children at a park in Georgetown last month.

An entire school was visiting the park that day. All school children wear uniforms. If there is no money for a uniform, a child cannot attend school and, sadly, that happens often.

These two came up and chatted - the Guyanese people are so friendly

The children were fascinated by the Manatee in the pond.

Isn't this the funniest face?

I love manatee!

Monkeys too

My first 'career' was as a zookeeper at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago (for five summers). It prepared me well for missionary life (in more ways than one).

One last fun thing from the park.

Aren't these water lilies gorgeous?

It's amazing how such pure and pale flowers can arise out of stagnant trench waters all over Guyana - kind of reminds me of the miracle of rebirth that we are celebrating this week.

Happy Easter!


Jenny said...

I cannot believe how much different "a day at the park" is for you, then it is for the rest of us. That is soo cool that you can touch manatees. I love the monkeys. I wanna play with the monkeys.

Did you take any video?

Great photography by the way.

Karenin said...

jamie's unfulfilled dream = playing with monkeys.

Karenin said...

im jelous by the way, that looks like so much FUN!
love the pics too.

Stan & Isabelle said...

great pictures - great laugh - your comment of working in the zoo! thanks for all you do!