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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Monday in Suriname

"And we did magnify our office unto the Lord"
(Jacob 1:19)

That is the theme of zone conference for April

Our topic is PLANNING

I love Elder Ballard's description of young missionaries:

"Most of them have never had to plan anything. They haven’t even had to plan to pick their socks up." (Mission President Training, 2003)

Isn't that so true?

So - we expected a challenge - but found wonderfully prepared and dedicated missionaries

As usual, we started our tour in Suriname.

And, as usual, the elders there were stellar.

The French Guiana elders traveled to be with us by car, then kayak, then taxi.

At the beginning of the conference we always recite my purpose from Preach my Gospel (a slightly modified version of p 11 'remember this' box)

I love watching the Suriname elders stand up and recite in Dutch (such an interesting language) and then the Guiana elders recite in French (the language of heaven according to my husband).

We sing the hymns in Dutch - always a challenging experience

The lesson is taught in English (thank goodness)

We started with doctrine - how ordinances and covenants fit into the plan of salvation

Next we talked about principles - developing our full potential

And finally, we finished with applications - using the teaching record, setting goals and planning to achieve them

Here are some great West Indies planners at work:

We had lots of prospective missionaries present - two of them under call

Here they are - the missionaries of Suriname and French Guiana - district by district

Elders Schroeth, Shakespear, Lubberink, Harding (back)
Elders Koenen and Baantjer (front)

Elders Kinghorn, Mecham, Croese, and Vernes

From far away Nickerie - small in numbers but great in stature:
Elders Pence and Holtz

Elders Tholen, Riding, Swart and Ash

The French Guiana district:
Elders Butler (brand new), Kempenaars, Tevero, Temerono, Pahio, and Taerea

My favorite Saoto soup for lunch

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