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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Art of Carnival

No - Elders Jones and Guy are not participating in Carnival this year. But, they did help us meet a wonderful Sister who is.

Elder Jones 'hooked' me by showing me this incredible picture he took of just a small part of the Sister's Carnival Queen's costume.

Carnival is deeply woven into the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, it is an integral part of most of the counties in the West Indies Mission. Here is a good link - if you want to read more about carnival in Trinidad

This weekend is the big celebration in Trinidad but events have been going on for over a month now. Some of carnival is uplifting and fun, but much of it is not appropriate for missionaries, so the elders have been instructed, in some key areas, to stay inside or move to other apartments during the weekend.

President Robison and I were able to attend the Queen semi finals last night. It is a costume competition - but these are costumes like I have never seen before!

Gloria Dalsingh, a long time member in the San Fernando branch and a big fan of Elders Jones and Guy, was competing. She has incredible talent and has been creating queen costumes for many many years.

Isn't she beautiful?

She is very open about the fact that she is 62 years old!

She has been working on this fantastical 'under the sea' costume all year.

Don't you love this giant fish?

President Robison got to learn all about it (I was there too - but having too much fun taking pictures!)

It's heavy! How does she carry that????

We were able to peek behind the scene where the costumes are assembled after transport and readied for judging

When everything is ready, each contestant dances to soca music across a stage in front of the judges

Sister Dalsingh is in there somewhere!

The results won't be announced until tomorrow.

I think Sister Dalsingh's is the best.

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Forrest said...

what!? ha those costumes are incredible! I've never seen anything like that, ever! ha