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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February's New Elders

This is a mighty group - in size and spirit

Doris is helping you see just how big and strong they are

Elders Warhurst, Lundberg, Welch, and Gilley

They had a fabulous first day

One reason is these fine elders

Elders Garotta, Williams, Mundy, and Mcdaniel

Because of the strike in the French islands, Elder Williams (serving as a 3rd assistant for a month) and Elder Garotta (here for a few days before going home) are here with the assistants helping out in Trinidad. They are all talented, experienced and loving missionaries and they got to pair up and work with the new elders yesterday. Those four young elders had a fabulous time. They were so excited about the work they did!

Of course, we first fed them President Robison's famous sour dough pancake breakfast

with a little help from Elder Mundy juicing oranges from our yard

After breakfast they had a study session with me while President Robison interviewed each missionary. Next they headed to the mission office for training, and then out for a lunch of Trinidad's famous doubles.

Finally they they got to what they came for - good hard work - finding, teaching, challenging, and inviting

At the end of the day they gathered back at the mission home just in time for sunset pictures in the yard

followed by dinner

They liked my fancy napkin folding (you can find anything on the internet!)

We finished the day with an evening devotional and testimony meeting.

Those are mighty fine young missionaries!


Les said...

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to keep this blog updated and posting pictures! It makes it so much easier to not miss my brother when I can see that he's happy and know all the neat things he gets to do.
-Leslie (Elder Lundberg's sister)

JER said...

i want fresh squeezed oj with pancakes and eggo syrup