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Friday, February 13, 2009

The rest of zone leader council

I kind of jumped the gun yesterday posting pictures of the end of our zone leader council meeting - but that Stake announcement was just too exciting!

Here is what we did for the rest of the conference.

Yesterday morning, early, we drove up to Fort George up in the mountains overlooking the island of Trinidad. The plan was to have a devotional there about establishing the church and strengthening the branches by studying the genius and dedication of Captain Moroni.

Unfortunately, it was raining. So we huddled up in a little shelter and studied.

The scriptures were wonderful - so many insights into our work as we compared it to flags, armor and fortresses. We learned about Satan's quest (represented by Amalickiah) to gain power and control over others contrasted with Moroni's desire to maintain freedom, church, and family. We saw how Moroni invites and inspires (title of liberty) rather than controls. We saw that he found innovative ways to strengthen individuals (armor) and branches (fortresses). Above all, we learned that if all men would be like Moroni, "the devil would never have power over the children of men" (Alma 48:17).

The rain let up a little so we went out to the edge of the fort and sang "Armies of Helaman"

We spent the rest of the day back at the mission home talking about 'best practices' - a tradition in our zone leader councils. We share what is working best in each zone and discuss how to build upon it. It's always electrifying.

The elders are dedicated and creative (just like Captain Moroni, I guess)

Elder Williams shared his experience with tracking continuing conversion using the teaching record

Then he had all the elders try it out

We finished with some numbers (look carefully and you will see what we think about the West Indies missionaries)

and a final check on the questions they had posed at the beginning of conference. Each elder had received ideas and impressions on these issues.

We then had the privilege of hearing the testimonies of these fine young men

"These were days never to be forgotten"
Oliver Cowdery (PGP, p 58)

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