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Monday, February 16, 2009

New Mission President

We are thrilled to announce the new West Indies Mission president!

He will be Claude R Gamiette from the island of Guadeloupe in the West Indies

He will begin serving on July 1, 2009

He is an absolutely wonderful leader and teacher

How do we know this?

He is currently serving as President Robison's 1st counselor in the Mission Presidency and before that he served as President of the French District in the West Indies. We know him and his family very well.

And he knows this mission well

People here love him and his family

We do to!

West Indies missionaries will be blessed under his leadership

We can't think of anyone we would rather see take over this mission

Sister Gamiette is a great mother, beautiful sister, and experienced returned missionary. She is also lots of fun (and makes amazing french chocolate cakes!). Here is a funny little story I did on her last year.

The family is darling. I think this may be the first time a family has lived in the mission home. It will be so nice for the missionaries.

Here are pictures of a story that was done on the Gamiette family in the February 2009 Liahona and New Era.

The missionaries all found out the news this morning in an email. Those that know President Gamiette have been wondering and wishing - now they get their wish!


Dave and Tauna said...

How exciting! What a beautiful family they have.

Dr. B said...

I am very excited to see them call a man who actually is so familiar with the mission and served there in the mission presidency. It sets a new precedent that might be a new way of calling leaders. I am also pleased that he will be a role model for people of the Afro-Caribbean area as I have recently discovered his and his wife's ancestry. It shows the church is indeed becoming more international in there approach to developing leadership. I am interested in seeing if the growth experienced under President Robison will be replicated under the new mission president.

Spencer and Emily Nelson family said...

That is wonderful. I'm sure it is bittersweet for you. Congrats and best wishes to this family. Well, my parents (and 2 brothers) are officially off to come spend time in Elder Lauritzen's mission. They are very excited. I can only imagine what Ray must be feeling today as it is his last day of his mission. I have prayed for him knowing this would be a difficult day for him. Thank you for all you have done for him and for this wonderful insight into his mission. It will be a wonderful experience for Elder Lauritzen to come home from his mission for 1 day and then head off to the MTC to drop off his little brother, I'm sure he will feel like he was just there. :)

PS. Please make sure Elder Lauritzen gets on that plane to come home. :)

dr di said...

Will do

We are pretty good at getting Elders on planes

DrJubal said...

President Jeffs had a couple of moderately young children in the mission home on Barbados while I was there from 1989-1991.

Felicitations Claude! J'espere que l'on peut se rencontrer quand vous venez ici a Salt Lake cet ete.

- John Madsen (WIM, Fr. 1989-1991)

Despain said...

Brother Claude You were a great companion, both times. Love you Man.
Darrick Despain

Anyone know how to get a hold of Pres. Gamiette