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Monday, February 2, 2009

in St Martin

I have been away from internet for a few days.

Travel plans had to change (again) due to a terrible strike in Guadeloupe. The country is basically shut down - no gas, no food, no travel. The missionaries are all fine and we check on them daily, but President Robison is sending all missionaries who are legal to leave and later return to Guadeloupe out of the island for a month or so, since it is difficult to work there right now. They will serve on other islands or down in Guyana. We could not go in for a zone conference so we ended up here in St Martin where we held a mini zone conference.

This same thing happened last tour - I wonder what is happening in Guadeloupe?!

Here are a few pictures of our St Martin conference

The Olivers are the new St Martin missionary couple - they are great!

Elders West and Gray

Hurrah for Elders Marshall and Larson!

There are two branches in St Martin - one English speaking and one French speaking. We attended both on Sunday.

These are the identical twins of the Mayakos (sp???).

We just had to borrow them since our twins back home were being blessed that day

We took a 20 minute ferry ride to Anguilla to visit a few people

Check out this view that greeted us as we pulled into the harbor

This is really the color of the water - no photo editing!

Can you believe the gorgeous colors?

NO - that is NOT us in the water - I was standing on the beach dressed in skirt and heals :(

and - NO - we do NOT need a missionary couple there just yet

But we do need LOTS OF COUPLES here

The water may not be blue but the people are sweet in Guyana!

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