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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Success Stories - Feb 16

Here is the next sampling of the missionary's weekly success stories:

Elder Holtz – Suriname
Yesterday we had a chance to complete a goal... Ralph is waiting on his mission call to come back in and before he sent them in he made a promise that he would bring two people into the church before his mission. Yesterday his goal was accomplished! 3 weeks ago Ralph called us and said his buddy wanted to talk to us AFTER Ralph had told him just about everything about hte church.... everyday at work for the past 3 weeks Ralph has been busy and work teaching *** on top of our lessons to prepare him for baptism. Well, yesterday Ralph had the chance to baptize his friend, bring a soul unto Christ, accomplish his goal and you could see the overwhelming feeling of joy he had clearly on his face! Member missionary work is what makes the missionary work successful!

Elder Ash – Suriname
A few days ago, we were riding our bikes down a road. Some people yelled at us, and I don't like to respond much to when people yell because most of the time they just want to cause problems. So we rode on a bit more, then my companion and I both got a feeling to turn around. We went and talked to these people, and they ended up coming to church. They used to be old investigators and they had the Book of Mormon.

Elder Olsen - Guyana
Alright, Albouystown members are the best ever. This thursday I was sick with the flu and down in bed, whole day. It was just a normal sick day until I got a call from a member. He asked why we hadn't picked him up to go work with him. When I told him I was sick he asked if he could go visit our investigators and recent converts. Ha! I love how willing the people are to work with you once you've established a friendship!

Elder Lang – Guyana
These last couple of weeks I've found people who will receive me. They've been taught by some of the missionaries before, but never accepted. A few weeks ago Elder Jones and I contacted a referral to this family and they believe everything we say. I'll ask them "Do you have any questions?" and they'll say "No, we know that everything you say it true." I know that the Lord leads us to those who he has prepared.

Elder White – Trinidad
saturday the aunt of a member asked us for a blessing, and we were able to give her one. it was miraculous just the way her moans stopped as we invited to spirit with a hymn and knelt in prayer to ask heavenly father to heal her before we blessed her. it was a very sweet experience and the spirit was very strong there

Elder Kinghorn – Suriname
We had a real wakeup call about the power of the Book of Mormon this week. We asked an investigator to read 3 Nep. 11. She did it and had questions for us. So we showed her how to search for answers in the scriptures herself. Now she is reading on her own and is learning on her own. She doesn't need us to tell her everything. She also came to church completely by herself and accepting a baptismal date readily. That's the power of the scriptures and personal conversion!

Elder Payne - Trinidad
We were able to teach a man who is truly Converted. *** was able to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood and he is continuing to grow. He was found 3 Weeks ago and he was baptized and Confirmed. and A week after he recieved the Priesthood. That was indeed a Miracle that we were blessed with. He is also reaching out and we are teaching people that he knows and he is excited to share the Gospel. The thing that is Key in his conversion is that he is reading the Book of Mormon. and he has learned how to pray to Heavenly Father. Those combined has helped him and will continue to help him to change. The book of mormon has indeed Great Power.

Elder Damm – Trinidad
We had the baptism of Sister *** yesterday. She told Sister Collins in the car that she had us fooled at the beginning when we started teaching her and Tevin. She wouldn't sit down with us but she told Sister Collins she was always listening to our lessons. Then she started reading the Book of Mormon. Then she was caught she had no choice but to follow it and be baptized and that's exactly what happened

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